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Standard Block

Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) are used in virtually every type of building construction. Standard block are common in the load bearing walls of buildings. These blocks are available in a variety of sizes are are categorized by block width. Blocks are produced with actual dimensions 3/8 in. smaller to allow for a mortar joint. A variety of finished wall appearances can be achieved by varying the size, color, or bond pattern. See below for a list of common terms and abbreviations.

Common Block Types




Block that has one smooth end with one Stretcher End 



Single Bull Nose

One Corner of the face side of the block is rounded


Double Bull Nose

Two Corners on one end of the block are rounded 



With Sash

Block has a vertical groove on the end for control joint or windows and door installations.


Single Score

Block has a centered, vertical score on the face to appear like two half block 





Length of the block is 1/2 the length of standard block


Half High

Height of the block is 1/2 the height of standard block



Hollow Bottom Bond Beam

Knockout walls are provided.



Solid Bottom Bond Beam 

Block has a solid, flat bottom


Split Face

Signifies that the block has a rough textured face 




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